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Re: PEP processing time (personal employment pass)

Update on my end:

On 30 July it will be 12 weeks since I applied. After calling on week 9 and receiving my first case escalation (and my first case reference number), I called again this morning and am now getting my second escalation (and received a new case reference number).

Must be some .....

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Migrating to Singapore as a doctor

Hello all,

I am in the midst of applying for jobs with MOH to migrate to Singapore for good. I am presently a doctor in the UK, although I was born and brought up in Malaysia and still retain my Malaysian passport.
I am about to finish my residency training in the UK early next year.

Any foreign .....

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Youtube family plan can up to 5 family members?

my parent and brother live nearby my home..can they enjoy the family plan which is $17+ per mth

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