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Re: PR approval in 2019

Hello off topic, we applied pr as family last May, when we checked, our kids application is still pending but with IC it just normal to have IC under their application?

Thanks in advance! Ist timer to apply PR😅

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Re: Shoplifting

It happened to me couple of yrs ago, that I came back from NTUC with groceries, and while emptying out the bags at home I noticed a bell pepper that I didn't recollect purchasing. It wasn't mentioned on my bill too.
Turned out my then 2 year old had picked up the shiny green bell pepper for her .....

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

more like 0.2 to 0.25% chance. There are probably 100,000 PR applicants of India race per year and I'd say about 0.2% get in (200).

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Operating company with fintech account only

Hi everyone,

As we're just starting out and we don't expect to have much revenue, is it possible to operate a business in Singapore using exclusively or any other fintech provider?

Does work in Singapore?

Will I need a traditional banking .....

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Re: Can I update my PR Application with my updated Salary?

Send ICA an email with evidence of salary increment.
Their email is listed on the website.

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