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Re: 'Quarantine' in US

Shelter in place meaning you only go out for essential e.g. grocery shopping.

It is all done voluntarily. Initially, there were still some people out as the gravita had not sinked in yet. We do not point guns at them but keep ramming up the message. Eventually, we all got the message and our .....

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Re: should we check our partner phone ?

No. Why? Should I? :-k I reckon if I thought I needed to check their phone I shouldn't have married/shacked up with them. Should they, on the other hand, check yours? :o

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Re: Average duration of stay of expats in Singapore?

Article link in original article is now gone - what did it say?

('+10 years' in the Gulf countries?)

I've been here since 2005 - westerner, own company, 15 years on EP. (and 3 rejections for PR, so far...I should have applied in 2006-09)

I used to think 15 years was a long time on EP. However, .....

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Re: STVP issued after EP Expiry date

If you were issued with a SVP as per normal, you are okay. Don't worry about it.

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Re: Appeal for Rejection of Citizenship

How old are you now?

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