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Evaluate PR Chances(?)

Race: Indian
Age: 32
Education: Masters in Mathematics from Tier-1
Currently on PEP
Salary - 270k

Been here in Singapore for about 6 yrs now
Wife is salaried as well, earning 90k
We have a 2.5 yrs old daughter born in Singapore

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Re: Require assistance on Cantonese thank you speech

I would like to introduce myself and my channel to you guys! I’m Canadian-born Chinese with a YouTube channel dedicated to Cantonese for beginners. So far, I’ve posted 11 animated videos all with the same format: simple, authentic dialogues with jyutping and English translations. I’ve .....

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Re: All Posters Please Note

Thanks for cleaning them up, OP. The versions I had were scanned in and had a lot of crud on them. These look great, and are probably the highest resolution on the Web.

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Re: Wuhan virus in Singapore

I had a quick glance and all I see is the same twitter and reddit BS. You should go back, you do fit in better there. The only thought-provoking thing I saw there was "What the hell are they thinking." Don't let the door........"

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What is the possibility of renewing Re-Entry Permit for the below situation

Greetings Everyone

I am in Singapore for the 25+ years. PR for nearly 25 years. Just got my re-entry permit renewed for myself and my wife.

My daughter who is 22 years old, she need to to renew on her own. She completed her Kindergarten to JC in Singapore and for under graduate she is studying .....

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