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Re: Can anyone please let me know if 190k in 2022 a good salary in Singapore ?

Right. So there's largely 2 types of foreigners that would move. Someone who's been moved there on an expat package from a country with a high living standard. They are going to be given expat packages and I believe one of the big .....

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Re: SC Approval Likelihood

Appreciate your inputs sundaymorningstaple and smoulder.

Some follow-up questions that I have:

1. What if, during the application processing period, I work outside of SG under the employment of a SG-based company (note: its remote work .....

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Re: Neighbour's helper bringing foreign worker home

Another issue is that people including you pay a premium for condo security so that amongst other things, unauthorized people don't enter the premises. In this case, the condo security probably didn't do their job very well and let in someone who was unauthorized. But that apart, a helper is an .....

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