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Re: SIA cabin crew

Heads up, to those do online interview. Usually they will sent out the second invitation for the 2nd round interview 3 days before the actual date. Hope that helps :)))

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Re: SIA cabin crew

Anyone submitted the online interview due 20 oct?
Please let me know when you gotten the email for 2nd interview!

Just sharing that the question I gotten was situation question and another one was asking me to read a .....

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New home for my good maid

Hi All,
I am posting for my helper for transfer.
Shes been with us for 5 years plus and looked after my 3 children back in Manila.We brought her over here since June but unfortunately my husband got a job overseas and we do not really need a helper now.
She can cook simple western food and follow .....

Posted in Domestic Helper & Babysitter Issues

Re: The chance to get PR for SPASS holder

I'm working as a software engineer.
My wife is working as an administrative assistant for almost 2 years. She wasn't working when I applied the first time.

I was rejected in Feb 2017.

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore

Re: Citizenship rejection

Did you volunteer, etc. - basically, demonstrate any intent to integrate?

volunteering no longer holds any cachet with ICA here as too many have abused it but volunteering until the get PR sor Citizenship and the stop .....

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