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Re: Singapore: 100-1000 infections in a month

We perhaps need to accept / reconcile that until a vaccine comes along next year the "herd" principle applies, whatever we do in next 6 months or so.

To put it another way it is good to have lots of infections now whilst we have capacity to care ("building the immunity"). Empty beds are an .....

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Re: DP question - any liability to spouse's employer?

Many thanks for the reply on this. Will proceed shortly with the DP application and hopefully everything will go smoothly. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

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Re: Things to do at home

:-k Creating the next generation? :mrgreen:

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Severe danger to the world predictions by Abhigya

This is a very interesting video by a child astrologer Abhigya, he predicted the virus pandemic to happen from 4 November 2019 to end April 2020. He also predicted that the automobile and aviation industry would be hit.

Quite an amazing video to watch since he uploaded it in August 2019.

What .....

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Things to do at home

Any ideas what we can do at home..? Given now that everyone can't work?

What I can think of - walks in the park, board games, card games, spring cleaning, tossing out old stuff at home.

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