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Re: Buying fish in Singapore

Today I went to the wet market and bought Lady fish. This is the picture I took. It cost $10 for this much, almost 1kg pretty cheap. Although, they dont descale or clean it. My wife spent like half day to descale clean and cook it :)

This is a delicacy .....

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Re: Spending majority of year in Sing as a Retired Tourist?

Just to update everyone, I decided to give up my apartment here and leave Singapore. I have the next 6 months already lined up with travels around the world, I'm excited to be travelling all over after being here for almost 3 years straight during COVID. I hope to check out all the places you guys .....

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Re: Expensive electricity bill?

I was getting $300-$400 electricity bills until I stopped using my AC in 2020 (1000 sqft, old hdb with not great insulation, prob tons of air seeps out). Now I just open my windows and constantly have a fan on me, I agree it feels much more healthy and natural. Now I silently judge people who want .....

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