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Re: 'Quarantine' in US

Shelter in place, Self Isolate and Quarantine all go up in levels of harshness.

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Re: Fruit and Veg seeds unavailable due to COVID-19

Demand in Australia. Supply will come back though.

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Travel to Singapur from Vietnam

Hey, in September, coronavirus permitting, I have a three-week trip to Vietnam I thought I'd take 3 or 4 days and go to Singapore. Are there daily direct flights? What should I visit?

Thank you

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Art Decor for home

Hi for those expats that are living in Singapore now.

I know that being away from all your loved ones can be tough at times. :( So, why not try to decorate your space to make yourself feel more cozy and at home. 8-)

I've heard from quite a few of my friends that Livingwithart is a great .....

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Re: How to scrap my car - anyone done it?

I did mine with

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