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Cats allowed to roam around estates?

I do not quite understand why home cats are allowed to roam around estates and enter other people's homes? It's quite annoying with your neighbour's cat enters your home uninvited. What could we do?

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Euthanasia of dogs in Singapore?

I hope vets in Singapore could play a larger role in disallowing pet owners in euthanatizing their pet dogs. Loki's plight could have been avoided by re-adoption. If only pets have a voice.

Posted in Staying, Living in Singapore

Man stole 200 masks from vending machine

How did this many steal so many masks from the machine? How did he obtain 200 people's personal details? This is scary to know..

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US cuts ties with WHO amid Covid19

What a timing...and also the blaming game doesn't seem to end. I think we've got bigger problems now than just finger pointing. :???:

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Re: Singapore Citizenship application - Pending over 9 months

Thank you SF, your advice is duly copied.

Btw, I’m currently working in one of the govt agency in IT Security

Also I did my four year degree(Engineering) in India

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners