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VPN is not just a change of address ...

Virtual private networks have long been used to ensure online privacy. They guarantee such a level of confidentiality for computers and Internet users that you simply cannot get anywhere else. How it works: the program creates a digital tunnel through which your traffic will be redirected, .....

Posted in Computer, Internet, Phone & Electronics

Rib cartilage rhinoplasty in Singapore

Hi all,

If anyone has done rib cartilage rhinoplasty in Singapore , please shed some lights in your surgery and recovery.

My doctor suggested me of using rib cartilage to improve some of my functional issues. But I am quite freaked out by the idea of using rib cartilage and is worried about the .....

Posted in Aesthetic Enhancement & Cosmetic Surgery

Re: SIA cabin crew

Heyy guys!

I went and did my medical on the 7th Jan 2020 in KUL. I have yet to received any news since. It’s almost been 2 months waiting cluelessly. 😭

Posted in Airline Careers

Debating on plagiarism issues concerning essay writing services

It is evaluated that students admitted to prestigious institutions/universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and Berkeley amongst others do not focus on buying the writing services of the essay writing companies.
Highly strict university policies with also the potential complexity of the academic .....

Posted in 20's Club

Kepple Bay and Swiss School


We are considering moving to Reflections@Kepple Bay with our 9-year old son and a 2-year old dog in June. The location seems to be perfect for my hubby to go to work ( Marina Blvd), and dog-friendly too ( I hope)

There is only one concern- our son will be going to Swiss School and it seems .....

Posted in Property Talk, Housing & Rental