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Re: Cats allowed to roam around estates?

In HDB estates, cats are not allowed. But you have lots of cat ladies who come at night and put out food for the feral strays there. I dislike that as it creates an eyesore and we have to end up listening to the caterwauling at night as the toms corner a female for his pleasure. The sad part is .....

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Re: Euthanasia of dogs in Singapore?

You prefer the local practice of just abandoning them?

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Re: Man stole 200 masks from vending machine

He was a recruiter. He would have the copies of all those he found jobs for. Remember, these are not Singaporean, but employment pass holders. All are given masks under this program, all you need is an image file/xerox copy scanned into your phone (or physical copy) and it is scanned and approved .....

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Re: When do you think we can stop wearing masks?

For me, it's whatever the authorities impose.

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Re: Visiting parents or grandparents from 2 June

To all our Leaders.
I am craving for data. Publish the scientific basis then we can all study and challenge the logic. Otherwise I have to "trust" your opinion. BS.

Why can't we have a press conference with only the scientists presenting / answering questions like they have in Sweden?

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