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Re: Length of Social Visit Pass for US Passport Holder

There is nothing out of the ordinary about my US citizenship status. However, reports of the number of days a typical US visitor gets upon arrival to Singapore was a little fuzzy so wanted some recent experience. So thank you for your response. One point of clarification: so as long as you are not .....

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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021

I read that the SG government cares if you transfer money out of SG. Is that true? As an American, I don't have many investment options other than moving my sg income to a US brokerage to invest.

I can't imagine that being true .....

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Re: Hong Kong is better?

I judge that the fellow is rather partial to Hong Kong, and glosses over the many problems that exist there.

I think he's wrong about several points. For example, no trader cares about SGX, trades are done globally. I did contract work for a couple of banks... both had very large trading floors .....

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