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Re: Foreigner (Malaysian)bankruptcy in Singapore

It's possible that the OA (Offical Assignee) has a warrant out for your arrest. You should engage a solicitor in Singapore to deal with this remotely in Singapore (i.e. to avoid an unexpected arrest if you come to Singapore).

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Foreigner (Malaysian)bankruptcy in Singapore

I have been charged for bankruptcy in Singapore bank and I did not go for hearing.
I back to my home country(my) what will happen?
So far I got no issue to traveling out of Malaysia but never go back Singapore.
If I go Singapore can back malaysia ?

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Re: Moving to SG with a pet dog (Beagle)

Singapore is a country well-known for having very strict rules about many things. Pet importation is one of them. If you have a kitty, he cannot have “wild” ancestry such as a serval. However, if he is a Bengal or Savannah cross and you can prove he’s at least fifth generation, you can bring .....

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Re: Completing PR formalities - original documents missing

Hi, PR application applied March 2019 and granted in principle approval in Oct 2019. Appointment booked end of October. My original employment letter and the Annex A to the Form 4A have been misplaced. I can't locate them after .....

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Re: Best MRT line

That would probably be the one that has the most interchanges.

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