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Re: SIA returning cabin crew 2022

Hi, any foreign returning crew but did not get any calls yet? I heard that my friend from same nationality have all got calls, except me. I'm worried and was wondering what happened to my application? and will I get rejection letter to be clear? thanks for help!

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Re: Fish Restaurants

You can try red house seafood restaurant at esplanade/grand copthorne. You can also try their chilli crabs/pepper crabs.

Posted in Entertainment, Leisure & Sports

Waldorf/Steiner Primary Schooling From Home Groups


Our child is currently in a Steiner school in Australia in class 4 (age 10). We are aware that Steiner in Singapore stops at age 6 I believe. Is anybody aware of any co-op/home school groups in Singapore with a Steiner focus for primary school children? We really want to ensure our son has .....

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