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Re: My citizenship journey

The "fruit punch" is indeed almost blood red. Sweet like you said. It's not really a standard thing at Indian marriages that I'm aware of. Also, I know rose syrup quite well - if this is rose syrup, then it's probably a very diluted flavor in my opinion.

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Re: Thoughts on 377a repeal

In the Singapore context, there's a lot riding on being able to start a family - being able to buy a BTO for instance. You simply have more choices as .....

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Re: Intermittent fasting

x9200 I also bookmarked that link as well. I don't like using government facilities. Not that they are not good....they are. But as a PR I may as well go to a private hospital/clinic cost wise. That looks reasonable and might be worth doing both of us. full whack is still less than a grand for 2 .....

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