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Re: Subletting agreement not signed, can leave early

Is he even authorised to sublet.just disappear I would say lol.

Posted in Property Talk, Housing & Rental

Re: Social Distancing In Buses and Trains

Agree with you.. right now my best friend is my mask 8-)

Posted in General Discussions

Re: Social Distancing In Buses and Trains

Nope, won't work as long as all of you think exactly the same way.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: AUTO-EUROPE; I cancelled booking "no refund"

looks like you didn't notify them 48 hours in advance, so yes, they are entitled to do that. Stop CC payment? can't answer that one, but I reckon you 'may' but it will probably be disputed by the Car company and if they do, you lose. With your experience with contracts, I'm sure you know this .....

Posted in Car Leasing & Rental

Re: If you have bedbugs what will you do ?

Call a pest control company. They can get you sorted out in one or two max, visits.

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