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Looking for 3 months max accomodation in Singapore

Good day all. I am PR in Singapore and my wife ( Singaporean) and son are looking for accommodation in Singapore as we just relocated a few days ago.We currently are in isolation in government provided accomodation. Upon the end of our 14 days we need to secure a lease for 3 months or so to give us .....

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Re: Videoconference Solution

Myasis, (love the nick), I noticed you mentioned Zoom in this thread. Don't know how true this is as I don't know anything about the program at all or if it's even available here, but.....

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Re: Singapore: 100-1000 infections in a month

I agree with everything you are saying. What was worse was those who WERE wearing masks half the time the masks were under their chins. What? They pull them up after somebody has sneezed or coughed in their face? Bloody idiots.

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Re: Singapore: 100-1000 infections in a month

Hope your son stays covid-free. But seriously, this 10 people rule is silly. Why 10 and not 9? Can it be 4? 10 is a large number.

In addition, there are still many people not wearing masks. This is also true for food handlers. Not wearing masks and talking non-stop. I wonder when the G will put a .....

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ICA Processing amid stricter measures (Covid-19)

Hi all


I'm curious to hear general thoughts on the effects of the new measures (circa 03 April 2020) on student pass processing time and/or approvals. I'm sure this applies to anyone who is currently awaiting approval from either ICA or MOM.


I am between .....

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