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    Re: SIA cabin crew

    I submitted my video interview today and felt like I did badly. Was really nervous though no one was watching! Then again no one's body language to read that my answer is good enough and to stop me by moving on to the next question so I was a blabbery mess. Since only shortlisted candidates will be .....

    Posted in Airline Careers

    Re: Property Loan

    I had the same problem like a year ago...

    Posted in Property Talk, Housing & Rental

    Re: SIA cabin crew

    Hi anyone batch no. 01/20?
    Do Pm me :)))

    Posted in Airline Careers

    PR application chances

    Hi everyone, just want to know whats the chances that my PR application can be approved.
    Planning to submit the application next month DEC 19.

    i have been in singapore working almost 7 years, malaysian chinese mixed malay, muslim, 26 y o
    working as Admin Executive

    Completed my diploma part time .....

    Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

    Re: SIA cabin crew

    it’s okay no harm trying still!! where are your tattoos located? i have one on my arm too but it can be covered by kebaya

    Posted in Airline Careers